Signal Lamps: Safety Combined With A Long Service Life

Signal lamps in the interests of safety. They clearly indicate the functional characteristics and switching status of electrical appliances. ARCUS components produces the signal lamps and neon assemblies you require. Adapted to your particular technical needs and to your appliance design.

The production process is based on the assembly of neon lamps, incandescent lamps or LEDs, with resistors and connecting elements. These various combinations are assembled into a plastic base, so forming a finished, ready to install signal lamp. To streamline costs, basic components are combined. Building on these basic components, we also offer a standard product range.

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In general our signal lamps have only to be snapped into the housing aperture, without the need for additional fixation. Pilot lamps are only produced with a permanently mounted bulb, as their expected service life is longer than that of the appliance, thus eliminating the problem of replacement. You can practically find our signal lamps and cable harnesses everywhere within your household - for instance in coffee machines, power tools, ovens and vacuum cleaners ... please have a look at our catalogue!


Pilot lamps

Many of our clients require an individual design and create their own front panels with backlit pictograms. And end-users frequently desire plane and smooth surfaces that can easily be cleaned. In compliance with which, we are able to offer a wide range of alternative solutions.


Front panel lamps

Front panel lamps from ARCUS are used to indicate the status of electric devices. Usually such signal lamps have diameters between 6 and 16 mm. In most cases, these kind of lamps are applied into front panels of ovens, washing machines or dryers. Vacuum cleaners, coffee machines and electric water boilers serve as further areas of application.


The maximum temperature is around 105°C for standard use – but we can also increase this limit up to 150°C on special requests. Our standard colors for housings are clear, red-transparent, yellow-transparent and green transparent. Moreover special colors like opaque colors, white-translucent and blue are also available on demand. Voltages for our neons / LEDs with pre-resistor are 120V, 230V or 400V.