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ARCUS means « arc ». We chose this name because the conductors and harnesses we produce connect the individual components within a device. And we form the arc between them. Cables are like nerves, they perform a vital communication link.

Our high quality products cable harnesses, wiring assemblies and signal lamps are manufactured with predominantly automated production systems for over 70 years. Qualified staff, as well as proven and certified production methods ensure the highest quality.

Our harnesses, modules and signal lamps are used in home appliances (e.g. cookers, vacuum cleaners, power tools), actuators, thermostats, electrical cabinets and machinery. Through our extensive experience in cable harnesses and signal lamps, we are expanding our service portfolio steadily. Through our long experience in the wiring of various products, we are expanding our service portfolio steadily. For many of our customers we are the reliable system supplier. Together we develop solutions adapted to your requirements – then we supply the mass production with the perfect harness solution aligned to your product.

Our vision

ARCUS stands for comprehensive consultation and customer-oriented solutions. It is our vision to provide our customers with the best solution for opto-electronic modules, wirings and cable harnesses to satisfy their specific needs.

Service is understood to be a relationship keystone at ARCUS: supporting, facilitating and solving the problems of our customers. By focusing on your goals and desires we endeavor to realize the optimum design solution.
Please test us – we look forward to receiving your inquiry!