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For over seven decades, we have been dedicated to the production of premium-quality cable assemblies, signal lights, and indicator lights, leveraging cutting-edge machinery and advanced technologies. Our commitment to excellence is upheld by a team of highly qualified professionals, employing tried-and-tested, certified production methods to ensure the utmost quality.
Our cable harnesses, assemblies, and signal lights find application in diverse sectors such as household appliances (e.g., stoves, vacuum cleaners, power tools), actuators, thermostats, control cabinets, and mechanical engineering. With a wealth of experience in wiring a broad spectrum of products, we continually enhance our service offerings. As a trusted system supplier for many clients over the years, we collaborate from the early stages of product development, delivering impeccable wiring harness solutions for seamless integration into the final product during series production.

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Where you can find us

The central nerve center of the ARCUS Group is our head office in Ostfildern. It serves as the command post for various functions, including customer service, order processing, quality management, and product and system development. The coordination of projects is also executed from this strategic hub.

Since 2004, our Polish facility has been the primary site for manufacturing products with a higher manual labor component. It now houses our technology center, where we employ state-of-the-art machines and production methods to craft intricate cable harnesses. Leveraging a high degree of automation and our exceptional expertise, we ensure the production of top-tier, cost-effective products.




Jelenia Gora

The ARCUS team

For an impressive 75 years, we have been steadfastly supporting our customers in staying ahead and achieving optimal wiring solutions. Our adept team, characterized by flat hierarchies and an open communication culture, facilitates swift, easy, and efficient responses to the unique needs of our customers.
“At ARCUS, our perspective transcends quarterly figures; we perceive ourselves as a long-term, reliable partner, engaging on equal footing. Our emphasis extends beyond delivering high-quality products to fostering a collaborative partnership.” – Stephan Meinert, Managing Director

Technologies at ARCUS

At ARCUS, our commitment to excellence is underpinned by the utilization of state-of-the-art technologies, which serve as the foundation for the efficient production of wire harnesses, assemblies, and signal lights. The following technologies have proven particularly successful:

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Our head office in Ostfildern is the central hub of the ARCUS Group.

Jelenia Gora

Since 2004, we have been manufacturing mainly products that require a higher proportion of manual labor at our Polish site.

ARCUS products

Rast 2.5 jumper

Area of application: Household appliances
Rast 2.5 insulation displacement technology

Wiring harness:

Area of application: Household appliances
Fully automatic crimping and fully automatic housing assembly

Wiring harness:

Application areas: Power Tools
Shrink and grommet to position