ARCUS components

At ARCUS, we supply the vital conduits that orchestrate seamless control

Akin to nerves within the human body. With a legacy spanning 75 years, we specialize in the production of top-tier products encompassing cable assembly, signal, and indicator lights. Bolstered by modern technologies and a highly skilled workforce, ARCUS guarantees the pinnacle of quality and reliability.
ARCUS’s cable harnesses, assemblies, and signal lights find application in diverse realms, including household appliances, vehicles, actuators, thermostats, control cabinets, and mechanical engineering. Drawing upon our extensive experience, we continually broaden our spectrum of services, emerging as a steadfast system supplier and global partner for numerous customers.

Our vision

At ARCUS, synonymous with the Meinert family, we epitomize intensive consultation and customer-centric solutions – rapid and uncomplicated. Our overarching objective is to provide unparalleled solutions in the realms of optoelectronic components, cable harnesses, and assemblies across all industries. From the initial contact to the final product, we engage closely with our customers, offering support from the earliest stages of product development. This collaborative approach results in wire harness solutions tailored impeccably for series production, precisely meeting the unique requirements of each project.

ARCUS products

Rast 2.5 jumper

Area of application: Household appliances
Rast 2.5 insulation displacement technology

Wiring harness:

Area of application: Household appliances
Fully automatic crimping and fully automatic housing assembly

Wiring harness:

Application areas: Power Tools
Shrink and grommet to position

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