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A Tradition of Quality – The ARCUS Success Story

Since its inception in 1949 by Alfred M. Meinert GmbH in Esslingen/Wäldenbronn, ARCUS components GmbH has evolved into a pivotal player in the household appliance industry’s cable harness manufacturing. Here, we present the milestones of our company history – a visual chronicle blending the power of tradition with a forward-looking perspective.

Quality from Tradition

Alfred M. Meinert lays the foundations for a tradition-rich company by founding Alfred M. Meinert GmbH in Esslingen/Wäldenbronn, focusing on quality and precision from the outset.


Times of Upswing

In the post-war years, the company gains recognition for manufacturing signal lamps for electrical appliances, marking an early industry presence.


New Location, New Horizons

To expand opportunities, Alfred M. Meinert GmbH relocates to its current administrative location in Ostfildern in 1967, initiating an era of growth and innovation.


Family Handover

Sons Rolf and Jürgen Meinert assume leadership in 1978, ensuring the continuity of the success story and consolidating the family tradition.


Flourishing Growth and a Popular Employer

Flourishing Growth and a Popular Employer
Technological innovations and continuous workforce expansion address international demand, strengthening internal know-how and inspiring new ideas and strategies.


ARCUS is Founded

A milestone is achieved with the founding of ARCUS in 1995, solidifying its role as a key player in wire harness production for the household appliance industry.


Quality Service and Expansion

Increased orders and double-digit sales growth prompt a move to larger and more modern premises in 2001, symbolizing confidence in ARCUS wire harnesses.


Quality Service and Expansion

ARCUS/MEINERT emphasizes quality service and sets standards in product quality. Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, the acquisition of the Polish supplier TZK, and the founding of MEINERT Sp. z.o.o. in Poland enable expanded production capabilities.


International Certification and 3rd Generation Entry

MEINERT Sp. z.o.o. is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, and Stephan Meinert, Rolf Meinert’s son, joins the management board, reflecting high quality standards and tradition awareness.


Generation Change and Expansion

Stephan Meinert assumes the role of Managing Partner, overseeing the expansion of the production area in Poland, the acquisition of automatic cable cutting machines, and the establishment of an injection molding plant in Jelenia Gora.


Expansion in Ostfildern

The company building in Ostfildern is extended, creating modern office space and generating new employment opportunities.


Progress in Poland

In 2015, the production area at the Polish site expands to 3,500 m², exemplifying the company’s growth and increasing product demand.


Major Expansion in 2021

In 2021, ARCUS witnesses a significant milestone with the expansion of the production area in Poland to 8,000 m², reflecting solid economic development and a promising future.


75 Years of Excellence and Innovative Spirit in 2024

ARCUS/MEINERT celebrates its proud 75th anniversary, adapting to evolving market conditions and actively contributing to setting standards in cable assembly.


Experience the fascinating journey through time

From the humble beginnings in 1949 to today’s zenith as an innovator in household appliance wire harness manufacturing, our picture gallery tells the inspiring story of ARCUS components GmbH, marked by milestones, growth, and continuous development.

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