Signal lights

Signal lights: Safety with a long service life

ARCUS is proud to offer individual signal lights meticulously crafted for electrical appliances, tailored to meet specific technical specifications and the unique designs of each appliance. Our signal lights, accompanied by wiring harnesses, are ubiquitous in households, seamlessly integrated into a variety of devices.

These lights seamlessly integrate glow lamps, incandescent lamps, or modern LEDs with precisely engineered resistors and connections, ensuring optimal performance and durability. They boast an extended service life, providing reliability in numerous household appliances including coffee machines, stoves, kettles, and vacuum cleaners.

For comprehensive details on our signal lights, including applications, color options, and diameters, we invite you to explore our product catalog available for download.

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Under cabinet lights

At ARCUS, we understand the importance of individual design preferences, especially when it comes to appliances. Many customers prioritize bespoke designs, opting to incorporate backlit pictograms into the front panels of their appliances. We recognize the significance of maintaining a sleek and easy-to-clean surface on these front panels.

To meet these demands, we provide a diverse selection of under-cabinet lights. Our under-counter lights are specifically designed to illuminate the front panels of appliances, creating a visually appealing and functional aesthetic. With a focus on quality and innovation, our lights ensure smooth illumination, enhancing the overall appearance of the appliance while maintaining ease of cleaning.

Explore our range of under-cabinet lights to discover the perfect solution for your appliance design needs.

Recessed luminaires

ARCUS recessed luminaires serve as indicators for the operational status of electrical devices, providing users with clear visual feedback. These indicator lights typically feature diameters ranging from 6 to 16 mm, making them versatile for various applications.

Primarily installed in the front panels of appliances such as stoves, washing machines, and tumble dryers, these luminaires also find use in vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, and electric kettles. With standard temperature resistance reaching 105°C, they can withstand typical operating conditions. For specialized requirements, temperatures of up to 150°C are achievable.

Our standard housing colors include clear, red, yellow, and green-transparent options. Additionally, upon request, we offer other colors such as white-translucent as special variants. The luminaires are equipped with either glow lamps or LEDs, with series resistors available in voltages of 120, 230, or 400, ensuring reliable performance across different electrical systems.

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